DM Players not on my build....WTF?

I recently bought the DE game for me and a friend to play some old school DM games again. We we’re super excited to see games still being played, however, there are VERY few DM players on my patch. Upon some research, I heard that most DM players stuck with an older build because of the path finding allowing stacks of units on a single cell. That’s frustrating, but even more is I don’t get to play any of the good peeps. Will this be fixed and when?

Hi @ActTheAmazN, This post may have something to do with it. According to Helepolis, many DM players are on the old Microsoft Store client.

Yeah I get it and why, too. I was told that I cannot join the other build. How can I solve this?

The only way to play on the old Microsoft Store client is to have purchased Age of Empires: Definitive Edition on the Microsoft Store before the Steam launch.

Yeah that’s what Hele was telling me. Any idea when they will fix this? This is the same shizz that happened to me with AoE online. It’s frustrating.

I have no idea. This game has received updates sporadically.

I’ve noticed. I don’t guess I will get an official reply…