Do developers know that the Mongols do not allow eating fish if they have other sources of food?

Like the Muslims, the Mongols also had a strong law about catching and eating fish.

Only poor people were allowed to eat fish or if there is no other source of food is available.
Fish is considered a sacred animal to the Mongols due to its purity and Tibetan influence.
Therefore, do not let the Mongols catch fish in AOE.

Research Tengri and Buddha religions.

Moreover, Golden Horde in the 15-16th century turns into Muslim Khanates.
Therefore, they cannot hunt boars in the Imperial age.


Prohibitions related to rivers: Use well-cleaned buckets to draw water from springs and springs. It is strictly forbidden to pour blood or milk into rivers and streams, to wash dirty things, to defecate nearby, to kill fish and insects that live in the water. At the top of the water source, it is strictly forbidden to demolish the ger, to pollute and turbid the water, to wash the body with spring water, and to take water from the well with a soot pot.

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Gameplay comes before adherence to historical realism, sorry. I see your point, but nuking their ability to fish would cause way too many knock-on problems on maps that have water.


Muslim civs do not hunt boars

They stated the game is educational. So what can you do?

You got a point there. They said they wanted to make the game as historically accurate and realistic as possible before the beta tests. But didn’t deliver.

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Hey, if the devs find a way to make this happen, I’ll be all for it. The problem is, compared to the boar, fishing pretty much decides water-based maps. It’s a harder problem to solve.


I believe they can fix it through patches and updates

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where did you learn that absurd nonsense? ppl believing without checking it. lol.


It is in the Secret History of the Mongols.
Genghis Khan grew up eating fish because his family was abandoned and left with nothing but a “ger”. The catching of a fish explained that he grew up in poverty and due to that they were allowed to catch fish.

However, when there were plant roots available at specific seasons they were not allowed to catch fish. Instead need to eat the plant root.

“Envoy to Mongolia” records that Mongolian food includes everything that can be eaten, such as dogs, wolves, foxes, and horses. even xxxxxx
“The Travels of Marco Polo” contains: They eat all kinds of meat. Horses, dogs, mice, voles,


Because they have seen poor people of China and would think they are also Mongols.
Those sources sometimes are hard to prove because those people have little knowledge about foreign culture and were not good at distinguishing Asians from the Chinese to the Mongols etc.

This is why historians try to ignore cultural aspects of empires that are described by the foreigners because they have little knowledge and would compare it to what they know and create confusion.
For example, Marco Polo confused “Marmot” an animal with “Rat”. and many more.

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The Mongol Empire has a vast territory, including Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and various ethnic groups. You say they don’t eat fish? ? ?If you have documentation, please take it out,
In the “Montar Records”. “Envoy to Mongolia”. “Journey to the East of Lubluqi”. The Travels of Marco Polo. There are special records that Mongolia eats any meat, including human flesh

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They made the Mongols based only on the Turko-Mongol race as I see in the game.
The same goes for the Chinese, only based on the majority of Chinese people and so on.

Those are over-written records to create fear and spread it, so their enemies would be afraid xD
you need to distinguish some documents from describing or using to create fear.

Please show evidence instead of denying my evidence. I could even say that Genghis Khan was born on the moon if only by mouth

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Because Marco Polo arrived in Mongolian Empire that was located in conquered Chinese territory he was too confused about who are the Mongols and the Chinese. And simply looking at both, he wrote his records.

Oh here we go again.

First mongols never used infantry and now they didn’t eat fish because it was sacred for them

Only some people don’t eat fish, because the Mongols like water burial, so they think fish is sacred, but this is only a small part of everyone :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:They can be ignored in the vast empire

In the game do you see foreigners in the Mongol civ? I think you got the answer.
The devs just went for the specific people. This is why it is big, like the Muslims.
And again, the late Mongols in the game are Golden Horde and they say that word too.

So I’ve seen this topic randomly pop out on the forum main page and I find it quite funny the OP made a post hoping that no one would spend 2 min doing a google search about it. The “worst” thing I could find is that the Mongols prefer meat and dairy producst over fish, else they can eat it just fine.

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