Do developers know that the Mongols do not allow eating fish if they have other sources of food?

I also googled this because knowing this person, he has own way of thinking how history was.

Same results but also stated that mongols didn’t eat fish because it wasn’t available etc which is more legit reason than fish was their worshiping animal

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Seriously why is anyone getting upset, because apparently according to some people Mongols never ate fish, because they were sacred, so they shouldn’t be able to fish, They probably didn’t eat fish much because they were from Mongolia, not a big seafood area, not because fish are sacred

Some Mongolians regard it as a taboo to eat fish. This is a Tibetan custom. Eating fish is as abhorrent to Tibetans as eating pork is to Muslims and eating beef is to Hindus. Tibetan don’t eat fish for several reasons. 1) fish sometimes eat the bodies of the dead ("water burial” — in which a body is dumped in a lake where fish can eat it — is one of the five ways of disposing of dead bodies). 2) water is considered sacred (fishing disturbs the water); and 3) fish don’t have tongues, and hence they can’t gossip. Tibetan detest gossip and they reward the fish for keeping their mouths shut by not eating them.

After even more digging around. According OP. Only mongolians were mongolians and not the countries / areas that belong under mongolian or part of their empire

This is early Mongolia, it was the dark age for games, early Mongolia was on the coast, they lived on fishing and livestock, Mongolians liked meat, what did fish do wrong? Fish is also meat. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

It is not for anyone, history is important, it is the wealth of the people of the world, and every powerful civilization needs to be respected. Their people, their culture, and the stories they handed down are all treasures for future generations, and we can learn a lot from them, so I hate to draw conclusions without thinking, such behavior is not good

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now do the Tengri religion.

Tibetan Buddha’s 2nd point is correct.

I cant be arsed to spent anymore time doing to dig around lose ends. Wikipedia didn’t state anything in fish regard so if you cant give direct link to your “research material” then dont bother


Just a random man come and claim “they do not eat fish”(he read it in one article)
But he read only one paragraph, because in the same text are example, that some Khan was fishing, know hot to fish since early ages. But he read only one sentence, so he is right, nothing more.

He even failed to open any other source of knowledge, even main page on wiki for mongols mention fish encampments/ etc.
Surely they did not fish. never. as he never read anything except some ■■■■■■ site without checking the source.

But one sentence is enough to be “pro”.

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You can make the argument that the “Mongolian fishermen” are actually Chinese or Korean fishermen who are under control of [insert Mongol Khan AI name/player name here]. After all, the Mongols civ does have East Asian architecture, and the Mongol Empire did historically conquer China and Korea, including their coastlines, and shipbuilding and fishing industries.

The Mongols even launched TWO invasions of Japan, and one against the Javanese. Showing that Mongols warriors were not averse to traveling on water, unlike the Orcs of Tolkien’s LOTR legendarium.

Based on my sources Mongols never killed anyone.

Whenever I think I’ve seen everything, I come to these forums and an insane thread appears…

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Lol, someone who relies on Wikipedia asking me to show and prove my knowledge.
Anyone can edit Wikipedia…
What a joke xD

I didn’t say Khan was fishing!
He was fishing when he was a kid and a poor boi.
Again, you didn’t read anything but a few words…
And I believe I have more knowledge about the medieval history of many civilisations as I studied history.

You mock Wikipedia, but Wikipedia does link authentic historical documents within the footnotes.
Several passages are even quoted right out of history book and treatises.

That is why, if you read something on Wikipedia, you click on the footnote and see what it references to. You might even have to dig deeper a little bit more to really discover the source documents, but it only takes a few clicks of a Mouse to do.

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LMAO, :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

There is no more Tengri religions nowdays . Today Monglian in Inner Mongol don’t really care about this. Even outer Mongol.
Besides. what you have said never truly implement strictly in history.

Yes but boars aren’t a good long term food source meanwhile fish is the top tier food source on the map , not allowing them to do that would cause problems.

Just give them a farming bonus or a deer hunting bonus, this logic doesn’t make much sense considering there are maps without water at all

But there are water maps indeed. So mongols would be so off . Sorry but boars can’t be compared with fishing and neither hunting

Yeah but that still doesn’t make sense, what about maps without water? They’d have an advantage if their deer hunting rate was increased

I’m not saying they should get a bonus for hunting , I’m saying that the point that they cannot catch fish is stupid , because it’s the top tier food on the map

I am though is my point, instead of fishing they could just get a deer hunting bonus


This is probably one of the lowest priority things and other balance issues should be prioritized, however I will be joining the bandwagon of “this is supposedly a historically educational game therefore I expect historical accuracy”