Do developers see this forum?

Quick question, do they?
Otherwise it makes no sence to throw ideas here…


yes, if u report a certain bug, u will get reply from DEV stuffs


Yes they see it!
Various ideas and points made in these forums were taken into account in certain previous updates! Like for example the Lakota and Swedish nerf.


I’m reading this :eyes: :slight_smile:


@Ippert yes you the only one I’ve seen ! Thanks !
But ur peers ?
Going as per your tag of Forgotten empires,
no one from Aoe3 team ? :pleading_face:

PS: Even if they do watch the forums, it cartainly doesnt feel like it TBH

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We at Forgotten Empires alongside with Tantalus (whose devs can also be found here) work on AoE3DE :slight_smile:
We read the threads posted here on a daily basis and we take them seriously.


Thank you so much, for the reassurance, hoping itll continue !! :slight_smile: Respectful appreciation for you and your team :slight_smile:

PS : I wish I would have been a dev there, not for a finance firm here lol




Hey @Ippert Ippert, good to know of your presence :slight_smile:

I was wondering. What are things that you and your team take into consideration to decide implementing suggestions from this forum into the game? From what I have seen you seem to know that likes are not an equivalent to truth necessarily, which I appreciate. I do not know what your standards are tho.

Do you ever test some ideas and experiment with them and decide from there?

Yes with well-known selective partiality.


hi @Ippert below my little suggestions, hope u guys make it happen
about aoe3de friends funtion:
now it can only show friends list, but can not show any friends status(i mean whether they online,playing or offline)
i hope that u guys can make friends module function more usefull
can u add status to friends that will help me invite or chat …etc.

Hi @HopefulPlane7, we’re tracking the requests for improving the friend list :slight_smile:


glad hear that listen my voice. thanks hope will see it soon hahah


Make a lot of new DLC for this game. I will be happy to give you some of my money :wink:


I dont know how the engine works and if its possible, but are there any plans on making modding more accessible to the “common” people? So that you dont have to download 3 different programms and go into the games code?

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I like reading the forums :eyes:


I can read :eyes:
I don’t have the cool banner though…


Glad u guys are reading the forums. Hope u going to nerf Sweden cause I think it’s clear it’s just a broken civ.

Hope u guys actually reach out to some of the players in the community if you need help with balance

Wow, you AoE III players are spoiled, you get all the dev’s attention while we AoE I and II fans get nothing and you complain about getting nothing.

I don’t think aoe1 or aoe2 de was released (as buggy as they were) in the same state aoe3 de when it was released.