Do i refund? or do i wait

I pre-ordered the AoE II DE.
I made a mistake and i have nothing to say about it, i should have read that this was only for Windows 10 users. I am a Linux // Windows 8.1 user (And i won’t upgrade to w10 because i can’t at this moment at least)

But i am a bit undecided. I have not much time to get a refund of the game, so my question is next… Should i refund the game now? or should i wait and see what happens?

I mean, do you think it could have an update where we can play it on Linux, or AT LEAST, on their own Operative System like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?

I don’t know, seems i have lost it… i am very sad, you know?
Because you can encourage users to migrate to Windows 10 or even push them ,by making an announcement (Even in-game), or explaining the pros to migrating to w10, or whatever. But saying, “No! if you have not our OS on the lastest version you wont play our game!” , this seems a bit extorsive to me, I don’t know maybe i am wrong.
So now i don’t know what to do… any tip?

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Hi @AgedFountain525, I’m not sure whether there will be a work-around for running AoE II DE on Windows 8.1 for the Steam version, so if you are unable to upgrade any time soon go ahead and request a refund. While Age of Empires II: HD Edition will be no longer supported after release of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition you will still be able to play it on Windows 8.1.