Do irc/discord communities/guilds exist in this game?

Heya back in the day me and my friend were part of an IRC community were we would go and play balanced 4v4s, even though our skill range was vast within the community by splitting people based on skill level we always had a fun game. We also always went random civ so the game didnt come stale quickly and just had fun 4v4s.

Is there these sorts of communities around our level, were between 900 and 1000 elo (1v1) and have been going into ranked. But my mate is getting suspicios over the anticheat, the smurfs are annoying and team game elo feels unbalanced. ( we had one game with a 1300 elo 1v1er and a 650 eloer but there team elo was the same.

I think there aren’t many of those private game communities at the 900-1000 Elo range. Most players at this level don’t know any BOs are usually casuals that like to just do arch or scouts. When I was this level at start of DE I searched for these types of groups but only found them at 2k+. I’m now part of about ten of these discord groups and I could be wrong but I believe they dont exist or are very rare to find st low elos even middle elos. Most of these groups are dead now anyway with the new Arabia killing these private games action which Arabia was always favoured

There are clans in-game, but that seems badly designed. There are multiple community in discord. Mostly based around streamers.