Do Malians actually could produce Culverins in history?

I couldn’t manage to find any history reports or research about Malians’ domestic-produced Culverins. Might someone who is proficient at Africa’s history explains this question?
By the way, if AOE4 could have a encyclopedia or dictionary like AOE 2/3, to explain, for instance, what is a Vizier, Musofadi, Mamuluk, Zhugenu, instead of displaying these description at wiki, that would be awesome, or say that could be edutainmental.
And at the end, thanks for developers hardworking!


pues en aoe 3 estan los hausas que teoricamente son los descendientes del imperio de mali, y ellos no poseen armás de asedio propia, sino que unidades como “invasores a caballo” que asedian muy bien los edificios, eso si en los castillos, edificios unicos de los africanos en el aoe 3, hay una tecnologia que se llama si mal no me acuerdo “exportación de cañones” que les permite comprar cañones europeos a cambio de influencia, en cuanto a las unidades, un visir creo y si mal no me equivoco e sun lider religioso y militar, las musofadi, al igual que las amazonas de dahomey que salen en el aoe 3, eran unas guerreras excepcionales que surgieron en el siglo XVIII para defender su reino de los invasores extranjeros a falta de hombres para el combate, asi es esa unidad de mali es anacronica y pertenece a la linea de tiempo de aoe 3, pero fue una libertad creativa para el balance, hablas del mameluco? o de otra unidad? perdon no me lo tradujo bien xd, los mamelucos en su mayoria eran soldados de caballeria exclavos, descendientes de los ######## que durante la edad media fundaron su propio sultanato, pero que fue conquistado por los otomanos, eran jinetes excepcionales, en el aoe 3 salen como mercenarios y poseen muchisimo hp, y un daño bastante descente.

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However, Mali never became a gunpowder state, and the military Mahmud II passed onto his son in 1496 was virtually the same as the one inherited by Musa I in 1312.

From wiki. So based on this no they had no gunpowder utilized such lengths that it would be worth of bringing to them. Not that it should matter that much.

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A small in game wiki like AOE 2 had would be great. Also, if it included maps to show the expansion of the empires over the centuries.


The Mali empire, until I know, “NOT”, but the empires after them “YES”.

Until I know, after Mali empire became the Songhai empire, and that was later conquested by the Pashalik of Timbuktu in 1591, were they finally obtains cannons. So the “MALI region” get cannons officially on that date.

It could well be said that the 4th era of the empire represents both Songhai and Timbuktu’s pashalik. In fact, most of the unique units are in fact a representation of the main troops of the Songhai army, the artillery well, we can say that is from the Pashalik of Timbuktu.

So yes, they got cannons, and within the allowed time frame of the game at age 4 (Late Middle Ages - Renaissance 1400-1600). With this my hopes also grow that if they create Incas Civ., they will also acquire the troops of the Incas of Vilcabamba (arquebusiers, light cavalry, cannons).


How I miss those manuals of AoE2. Love reading the historical explanation for each unique or general technology in the game.

I would have liked that in AoE3 they also tried to explain the “unique cards” of each civilization. Ultimately, these cards replaced AoE2 unique technologies or unique bonuses. Unfortunately, not even the campaign (which was funny, but a fictional story) helped you connect well with the real civilizations in the game. It is only in the expansion campaigns (warchiefs, Asian dynasties) that you begin to appreciate the historical period of the game.

And about AoE4: I love the documental campaigns , and as far as I know, the “extra” information of each civilization in AoE4 is hidden in the “Masteries” of each civilization, due to the fact that they give you up to 12 historical facts, that describe unique units or some bonuses. I’m still trying to unlock all of them.

So it seems like that Malians could produce Culverins because of the gameplay balance.
Make me feels it’s like kinda inappropriate, because there’re already many civs that had definitely produced Culverins in history, but infamously used, which leads to these civs’ absence of Culverins in gameplay. (Especially even Ottomans don’t have Culverins while Malians have, why?) If it’s really base on balance since Malians have extremely unique mechanic (which is great), maybe buff Malians Springards should also work, or give them a technology called Imports Culverins like Import Sofa Armors to make it seems more reasonable.
And since Russians, Ottomans (which I strongly DON’T oppose to their usages of harquebus) and Malians could use harquebus, maybe it’s time to let every civs to use harquebus instead of handcannons.

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Gamebalance for MP is far more important than any historically accurate fact. What ever malians use culverins or poison darts to take down siege it won’t matter as long as its balanced.

Game is not historically realistic anyway so this kind of argument is so bad. For example literally no one ever used boiling oil. Why would they? Just boil water which has same effect even then whats the point when defender could just throw rocks.

While idm malians not having access to culverin as long as they get equally good anti siege weaponry and not left in place like china that has no imperial age anti siege weaponry and while in subject nerf english trebs against units / siege. For campaign they can do as realistic as possible if they want to but MP always prioritize balance