Do Malians need other changes?

As the title, More 30% gold replaces free gold mining in last change.
To me, it is a good bonus to any other civ, but It doesn’t fit malians’s tech which doesn’t have full upgrade to any units.
I think it is understandable that malians had free gold mining with it’s tech tree to encourage player to use more aggressive strategy instead of fighting with opponent in imperial age.
However, the new bonus which wants player to fight in imperial age while malian’s tech tree is not good at, making malians very strange in this patch.


Agree, the change has been very bad in my opinion


I’d say it’s a nerf for open and aggressive maps but rather a buff for closed maps. But I agree, particularly for 1v1s the Malians didn’t get better overall after this change.
I thought about maybe extending the wood bonus to farms but therefore removing Crop Rotation could be an idea?
But that would make them overall even better than they were before I guess.


peeps dont forget the pup changes… they favour the malians the most… as they are the civ that is the most likely to benefit from an easier LS transition + a tankier melee version of it…


Was changed because of the Bohemians bonus of all free mining techs.
I don’t find it that bad tbh, at least not comparable to what happened to Lithuanians.

I have the feeling that people is slightly overhyped by this change.

Which was completely unnecessary. No point in giving a bonus which overlaps with Mayans just to prevent an overlap with Bohemians

So Tatars and the extra food on sheeps then?
Anyway the older bonus was more balanced because was only one tech, but with the Bohemians is outright too strong on Arena and BF.


its better than a kick in the face…

would you prefer it if people were negative about a buff they have been asking for potentially decades?

125f +1MA is quite a tangible change, on top of the emotional response…

In the case of Mayans vs Malians its a case of generalist vs specialist bonus. In the case of Bohemians its just an straight up upgrade and thats just not how the game is designed

I always wondered why the wood discount didn’t apply to farms and fish traps.
15% less wood means 51 wood for a farm, it’s not even close to the Teutons 36.

Yes it isn’t OP (Farm 60 to 51 wood) at all compare to other farm bonus (Khmer, Teutons, and Slav ),
but will makes Malians more playable after bonus change.

Because Teutons and Malay already have this.
Also that made Malians OP at release years ago

Like Malians have now the same bonus, but more specific, as Mayans.
When they were released, according to the wiki, they had both gold mining tech free and the Halb upgrade, also E. Gbetos had 1 more attack.
Do we really think that saving 9 wood for each farm would be suddenly that overpowered NOW?

It’s a good timing to give Malians back the wood discount for farms and fish traps.
It’s a compensation for the gold mining nerf and also it’s more consistent that way.

Tbh I think going back on the farm discount is good but it really ends up making Mslians even more of a cav civ.

At least the new gold bonus helps them spam more farimba cavalier and champskarls, rather than having to rely on their abysmal pikes and skirms so it’s not even a straight nerf.


I wouldn’t say they need anything. I also don’t see any harm in allowing their wood discount to apply to farms. Things were very different back when that was removed, Malians still had Halberdiers, Galleons, and both Gold Mining techs free.

No, it’s exactly what malians needed.
The civ is one of the few with only one good trash unit and bar gbetos they don’t even have an unkillable gold unit to back up the farimba lcav like mongols tatars saracens etc have.
So they are in a weird spot where they need camels if they are up against cavalry, champs if they are up against archers and gbetos if they are up against infantry, all of which cost gold.
And especially in imp your composition is always of two gold units, usually camels and champs, both of which are melee.

Malians expend a lot of gold for their army because their trash options are bad and are known as one of the “double gold comp kill opponent quickly” civs, alongside for example mayans. Except malians don’t get -30% on half their units and the other half costing next to nothing.
This buff addressed exactly that and I love the clean and neat way it was implemented.
Cheers to the devs!


Their early game is now fairly mediocre tho