Do the classic campaigns (Celts, Gengis Khan, etc) receive the new AI treatment? Or are we playing against the boring old AI in those?

Just curious… I am currently playing the Celts “Learn to play” campaign and I wonder if the game is going to be actually challenging in the classic campaigns using the new AI.

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It seems they applied the new AI, but to get a challenging experience you probably have to increase the difficulty. I’ve only played some campaigns on standard difficulty and it’s definitely easier than before. AI seems better but it’s really passive due to difficulty.
If i had to guess try playing on hard, it should give you a decent challenge.


I don’t know, the Campaign AI looks really boring and strange.

They micro every single of their units (very annyoing to kill any ranged unit) and they scater units everywhere in the map, instead of forming a defensive army to defend their base.

The attack waves are very boring and bad too. The army don’t move in formations, they scater in individual units and suicide one by one.


Can someone clarify if the campagins use new AI or old AI (HD or 1999?) I just bought the game over the holidays and wanted to play the campaing. On Moderate difficulty it is very hard for me. The AI does good micro management. I am not a very good player though. I have not played this since 2003 or something like that. I would just like to know what I am up against. I can not remember that I had to play the campaigns on “easy” back then. Thank you!

The DE campaign enemies still micro every unit (just like in HD). Not sure if that’s what you’re asking.

Pretty much every campaign has had some change from HD to DE though. However, I think the AIs in the campaign are separate from the AIs you normally see in standard games. I’m saying this based on the fact that the AIs in campaigns normally attack in waves of a single control group whereas both HD and DE AI in standard games sort of just stream units everywhere all the time.

Each campaign has their own custom AIs is what I’m saying. If they had the regular HD or DE (or even the original) AI then they would just box all their units and attack you right at the start.


Thanky you for your reply. So I understand that the AI for the definitife edition is different from the 1999. It is the new AI, HD or DE not sure? But with added constraints and modifications. Is that correct?

Both HD and DE AI are different on random maps, and in campaigns they have a custom AI fitting the scenario and the difficuty. i think the AoK scenario got an updated AI to adapt to all the balance changes and campaign reworks (for instance in the last Gengis Khan mission Hungary is Magyar instead of Teuton so it will need play differently)

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I did notice that on lower difficulties the AI will micro much less or even not at all sometimes. In the 5th Tamerlane mission the enemy was using cav archers and mamelukes and they refused to step away from my pikemen even though they require even less effort than to kill Turk spearmen 11

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Seems good. Enemy cav archers and mamelukes still have range advantage vs pikemen, so it seems reasonable.

Would like this behavior (no AI kiting) in every game in every difficulty (should be toggleable/moddable). I am really tired of having to individually chase down all AI ranged units because they can kite with them separately and perfectly with unlimited APM. Worst part of combat really.

Sure it’s often uncool to fight against but the kiting is inherent part of the difficulty, so they should make it gradually better and better with difficulty, and Extreme AI would keep the perfect micro while all lower levels have a nerfed version. I already feel like it’s the case in scenarios, and I don’t see it being much of a problem in RM since the way they kite means each archer will try to defend itself instead of working as a group and focus firing your units like a real player would.

I just don’t like this part of the gameplay. I like challenge, but only when it is fun and interesting. So I would prefer to play without AI kiting, even if it makes game easier.

Disabling kiting doesn’t even make AI ranged units that much less efficient, because they often get more shots off when they stand still instead of retreating. But it is definitely much more enjoyable to play when I don’t need to constantly chase every single enemy ranged unit.

Because of AI kiting I am even playing this game less than I otherwise would. It just reduces my enjoyment from game. Really I think, that letting players have fun in game should be prioritized over making game harder. I would like to try playing against extreme AI to see how smart it can play, but knowing, that it has 100% kiting ensures, that I will never bother to play against it. Why should I, when I don’t enjoy it?

In Sniper Elite player could customize difficulty by individually setting gravity, wind, AI smartness, etc. Why not let players have some difficulty customization options also in DE to make it possible for everyone to have as enjoyable experience as possible according to each ones taste?


Oh I never heard of such way to tweak difficulty before. I guess it could be modded, but unfortunately I don’t know how to manipulate the AI so I can’t help.

It could be modded if that global AI override scripts idea, which I have suggested before, would be implemented :slightly_smiling_face: