Do u want more colours?

  • no additional colours pls
  • 1 - 2 more
  • 3+ more

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things to consider:

  1. colour blindness … we shouldnt make the game more annoying for them
  2. readability in general … there is only a limited ammount of ‘distinct’ colours and in the middle of a battle there is no time to distinguish between crimson, vermilion or ruby :sweat_smile:

what colour should be added?

  • white
  • grey
  • black (cool, but unit readability is suffering)
  • brown
  • another red
  • another orange
  • another yellow
  • another green
  • another blue
  • another purple
  • other

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Don’t you know that age3de
has a color palette that can be freely colored?

Like this


Go to Options → Accessibility and set up colors however you like.


Yeah i know that, i just meant to have say 10 ‘slots’ instead of the 8 … got kicked twice yesterday, just because someone wanted to have ‘his’ colour xD
Also there are often 2 guys on 4v4 that cant figure out what colours are left to choose

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Age of Mythology had 12 player slots and thus 12 playable colors. We could probably have 12 colors in AoE3:DE, even without increasing player slot count.

Compare to AOE3

There are SOME unused colors in AOE3, but most are just shades of grey and they don’t actually look good on the mini map, making them hard to see.


Just give us 12 players like AoM again.
I assume the engine can handle that. Not sure how much work it would be to add 4 more players.
Would all random maps have to be reworked?

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Yes. We can find them in the scenario editor.


Mother nature (guardians and animals) already uses the brown color.


And white is reserved for free trading posts

I don’t think it makes sense to make these colors available (apart from accessibility options)

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  1. I already said that they shouldn’t use the existing unused colors.
  2. Brown is not an unused color, brown comes before the player colors. You can set a player to brown in the editor, but that’s not what I was talking about.

Honestly when it comes to new colors it doesn’t feel like a lacking feature as @EaglemutOP mentioned the wonderful accessibility tool.


OP’s problem is was players fighting over who gets what colors. xD


Play ranked and you won’t have such issue.