Do walls need to be buffed?

Both palisade and stone walls. The win rates may be significantly changed if walls were stronger. You could punish upon a rush player by hiding behind your thick walls of doom, and boom. While rush player has post-traumatic stress disorder scratching on your walls of doom.

More HP, and cheaper cost etc. Bad players just auto lose on open maps with no chance to hide behind walls.

Walls are next to useless on open maps. Only closed maps like black forest are they useful.

walls are plenty strong as is - walling is still very meta as is. there is a reason walls have been nerfed over time.

because they don’t defend their walls or repair them. that’s it.

this is demonstrably false.
walls are not a catch all. they are intended to buy you time to muster a reaction.


Stone walls will be buffed in next patch during feudal age, but the reasin for this is arena.

It is easy to break the walls with villagers and do silly stuff in arena after ageing up to feudal.

If the defender is following a fast castle build order, tower rushing him can be devastating, because noone expects such an early attack. The easy way to fix this isbwoth stronger walls before castle age.

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Is it in the pup?

Huh? Devs have intentionally repeatedly nerfed them, and made Arabia more open

Why would you think they want to buff them again? Especially with the xbow nerf(no matter how minor it is)

Huh? So what happens when the game (correctly) matches one bad player against another bad player (aka matchmaking)? They both auto lose?

You realise you’re implying a bad player should be able to beat a better player by walling? What?

If anything, at most I would tweak the way palisade walls work. iaw nerf their melee armour (to 1) and increase their PA (5 to 6)

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