Do we get a patch? | Everyone is frustrated

Port 10/10 needs to get deleted from the game. The amount of tempo and the quick Age up should never have been possible. The amount of greed Port players get away with is too much. Colonial Militia also needs to get a hard nerf for Portugal. We have seen so many games where Portugal doesn’t build any units until Age IV and simply rely on CM card.

Svea Lifeguard should have been nerfed a long time ago, Torp HP, cost and gather rate needs to get nerfed.


Imagine asking for an entire civ, and a legacy one at that, to be deleted.
AoE3 is a competitive joke, trying to balance it is pointless, get your own preferred civ deleted instead.


10/10 is OP strat guy, CM is incredible OP for this civ, but, of course, then need buffs, I say buff shipments (military, add vills, add more ressources…), revert the last eco nerf…


It is the only viable Land build Ports can do, though.
Missing Falconet means you cannot FF to any effect, and having most of your upgrade cards in Age 3 and 4, means you also lack Colonial play.

The only thing literally holding Ports together on Land, is an OP build, because they are a very poorly thoughout civ from design.
Even on Water, they miss A LOT of important Ship stat cards, and are wholly dependant on the safety the extra TCs bring.

Ports are REALLY poorly designed, but they are not unsurmountable, or OP like the Swedes or the Japanese are.

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Hunting bonus should be halved in age1 and made full in age2

CM should increase the cost of minutemen when you call them a second time.


You can also cav semi ff and if you semi ff successfully you could even consider going up to age 4 and pressing the free wi- I mean Peru revolt, I still highly doubt ports are more powerful than other civs they’ve nerfed.

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It is still poor design.

From a gameplay perspective, Ports are gimmicky, and from a historical perspective, they are just wrong.
The devs could do much better.

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I agree they could definitely do better, there are quite a few ideas from your new thread that I like especially giving them falcs.

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And giving the OGs to the Brits, where they belong, and would have a role of replacing Skirmishers.

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I dont understand. You want to take from a turteling civ their ability to turtle? Lucky that you are not one of the devs then xD

Hunting bonus has to do with the problem of VERY HEAVY FOOD CIV. You either make vils cheaper or you give the hunting bonus. Otherwise you cant compete with anyother civ.

CM is fine, the only problem is the 10/10 with the TP line - which can be nerfed IF you take 50w BUT give other res. like more food.

Yeah 15 years later the devs would change their mind hahahahahaha reduce the cost of Organ guns and its fine.

If people request all these nerfs how will ports get the food to go age IV?
Also Peru is not free win… at least at my level.

You just get less food in age 1. By age 2 you will recover the bonus.

CM isn’t the only way ports can turtle. I’m also not suggesting a full on nerf, just make it more expensive on 2nd call, from 150/150 to 200/200.

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10/10 is referring to Portugal’s fast Age 2. In accordance to standard nomenclature in RTS, 10/10 refers to supply used/ total supply. 10/10 therefore means starting Age 2 with only 10 villagers, which is incredibly fast, faster than most other civs.

The reason this strategy is so overpowered is because it allows Portugal to get their 2nd TC up quick and safely, gaining lots of mapcontrol and map vision. And together with Colonial Militia and their special colonial militia units, Portugal is way too save against early aggression. Obviously having 2x the villager production aswell as increased base food gather rate, this makes for an unstoppable economy which gets rolling faster than any other civ and is still very safe against most civs. Which is why it dominates the game and is extremely oppressive.


Only IF there is a trading line with 4 or more TPs on it. Otherwise that agression is impossible to actually pull off - Since there are very few maps where this is actually viable i dont see why is this being nerfed.

The Water Boom is an FF not early agression and its a turtle strat that with CM forces MOST (but not all) civs to age up as well. The problem is that most players stick to a build and do not adapt, so they expect that their Musk or Lb spam in age II will win the game regardless of the opponents strat.

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If brit got nerfed, it’s the worst thing they ever could do to balance that game.

That civ is untouched since 2005, and I’ve never heard anyone complain about it. Why would you even think of changing something people are used to for 16 years ?

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I dont think that is true (i have the feeling manors and crates were adjusted). But its besides the point. Brits are one of the best civs and clearly op both in land and in water due to their manor boom. Most people dont complain because its also one of the most played civs in the game (if not the most).

I dont play brits but a slight nerf to their boom would be okay (however there are MANY other things that have priority to nerf over brits).

No idea why there are still people arguing against Port nerf. Anyone who has been watching the recent tournaments know that Sweden, Port, Spain are the strongest civ by a large margin at the moment. Sweden has been an issue ever since its release. There have been so many different issues and its been so overpowered that players still keep finding ways to make it overpowered even as some parts get nerfed one by one.

Or you know just ask the pro players. The tournament is over now and unexpectedly Spain, Ports, Sweden was abused as much as possible.

If we search Sweden in this forum, there are dozens topics complained since game released. So what do we get.

I am just stating that Ports are OP only in some maps. Ports are bad in any maps that dont have a TP line with 4 slots or maps that dont have at least 4 whales, (like great plains, gran chaco, pampas sierras etc.) which are the majority of the competitive maps.

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So what you are saying is:

  • 1 free TC every Age up

  • 100 exp from building said TC every Age up

  • 1 extra starting villager thats working the entire game and scales with upgrades

  • increased base food gather rate which gets even stronger as you increase food gather rate

  • cheap Skirmishers costing more food than coin with 4.50 speed

  • strong musketeer, skirmisher upgrades and dragoon upgrades

  • buffs like spice trade, eco theory etc being even stronger given their increased base food gather rate

This makes a bad civ? You must be joking.

Portugal got a massive buff with their +100 exp from building the TC, which boosts their shipment curve and allows for even more tempo or economy shipments. Ontop of you have CM and if you manage to secure the middle of the map with your TC’s, you secure yourself multiple hunts. You also have huge map vision unlike your opponent. Yes the maps are good for Portugal, but ever since the recent buffs Portugal has been vastly overperforming. It only took some time for players to figure out builds and timings.