Do we need "reconnect system"?

Sometimes me or my teammate/opponent just disconnect from the server for several reasons but the problem is if we did it not on purpose we simply can’t reconnect back. I think it’s a problem that needs to be addreset.


I definitely think we need one. A lot of other RTS games just have a “Reconnect” button the main screen that puts you right back in the game. It’s unbelievably frustrating when you sink half an hour into a game just to get disconnected and you can do absolutely nothing about it…



I am glad that the reload saved game function works at long last (unlike it’s glitchy state in AOE 2 HD), but a reconnect button would be extremely welcome.


i used to have very intermittent internet, where it would drop for a couple seconds and then reconnect, starcraft 2 had this feature where if someone “drops” the game pauses and there’s a “reconnection” count down, which saved my life many many times… afaik, aoe doesnt even have that, nevermind a reconnect option from the main menu which i think is really bad…

sometimes literally all you need is a few seconds to rejoin but the game doesnt even have that which i think is very poor design from the devs… the one small upside is atleast the aoe servers / game itself doesnt disconnect as much as it used to last year

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I think it would be great if AoE had a feature where the game stops for 30seconds until a player reconnects.
After 30seconds there should be a voting screen with the options:

  • wait for reconnect
  • continue playing (player drops)
  • end match ( Elo score is affected less then a regular win/loss depending on the length of the game)

And for unranked an extra option:

  • replace dropped player with AI

Let’s suppose it’s 4v4 game one of player dropped it’s 3v4. So if 4 player wants to, they can vote for continue playing. Or if 4 player were losing and they can’t even win 3v4 situation they can vote this and get elo from it. Score victory will be weird because score differences can be close. I suggest team that has more score wins, if score differences high enough (like 5k) they get %80 of elo they must have got. If their score differences low enough (like 200) draw or 1-2 elo win/loss makes sense.

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This would be a godsend feature if it actually happens. A reconnect system will be beneficial to players who don’t have reliable connection and when the game crashes out of nowhere.

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