Do you experience alt f4 at your elo? TG poll

As per a suggestion i am splitting up between two polls. Do you experience alt-f4 at your elo on Team Game?

ALT-F4 In TG Ranked
  • 0-400 elo yes
  • 0-400 elo no
  • 401-800 elo yes
  • 401-800 elo no
  • 801-1100 elo yes
  • 801-1100 elo no
  • 1101-1300 elo yes
  • 1101-1300 elo no
  • 1301-1600 elo yes
  • 1301-1600 elo no
  • 1601-1900 elo yes
  • 1601-1900 elo no
  • 1901-2100 elo yes
  • 1901-2100 elo no
  • 2101-2400 elo yes
  • 2101-2400 elo no
  • 2401- up elo yes
  • 2401-up elo no

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What counts as experienced Alt-f4? You have personally had it happen to you and consider it a problem. If you look at the forum this seems like an epidemic. In team games im at 1100 elo and made it a little higher and never noticed. I like stats and was wondering if it is elo specific. Like you get high enough and people just dont want to lose elo on a game because of the group they are in. If you are an f4er let us know your main motivation.

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