Do you have interesting recorded games?

I am a noob… a big noob but I love age of empires. I want to learn more strategies that are unique and interesting. Started a youtube channel under the name of Poop Lord… which to be honest creates sub par content at the moment but its something I enjoy doing. I am working on improving myself as a caster and would like your help. I was hoping people could send me their recorded games for me to review. Some members of our community have been really helpful and pointed me to but I would like to see your games.

My email is:

My YouTube is: [Poop Lord - YouTube (

let me know if you send me an email with a cool strategy. Also what is more awesome then seeing your recorded game on youtube :slight_smile: you could be a new legend.


also to be honest… Idk how to post on the general forms and where the most appropriate place to post this is… I am sorry. I am a toaster when it comes down to computers and how they work. Maybe thats why I love this game so much because I grew up with it as a kid. Even though I don’t know much about computers; I have always loved age of empires 2.

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if you don’t mind nooby pvp plays or pve matches sure idm xD

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I have a game with Dark elf if you want it

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I would love to see your game and post it all that I require is that it is in the current version and that you have some kind of strategy. please send me an email with your recorded game and I will make it happen. Sorry in advance if my casting is not very good yet.

I would love to see a game of your and the legend himself dark elf. just make sure its in the current patch otherwise I wont be able to watch it… :frowning: thanks DE

I added my YouTube in case you want to see your own games posted :slight_smile:

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I mean i am a noob (on pvp) so idk if i actuall have a strategy or if i had that you could actually use it but sure i guess idk

Ah last patch I think sorry. I don’t think I have anything of note after that.

Well if you do your always welcome to send me something.

Is it meaningful to you? thats all I really care about I upload videos because I would like to watch them back some time when I am even older.

I am a noob as well and I want to make noob strategy videos. I like making strats Like Bulgarian 5 men at arm rush, Persian TC drop, fast knights with franks and so on.

Anyway if you want me to cast your game I would feel honored. dont be shy about it!

I got an ace of emerald game send to me :slight_smile: lot of fun

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I also found a Ruben Stock game super exited for it!

I just got dark elf again but the pc blocked it half way through. Currently doing a full recovery lol oh I knew something was wrong after the last updated on Thursday or Friday.

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ow thats great and horrible at the same time! would love to see you play dark elf. I am making a dark elf series.

hey emailed you a game not sure if its done right