Do you hear the people sing, bring back the effect of decaying!

After watching the revealed beta video of AOM retold , I think it is necessary for me to bring up this topic AGAIN.

Nearly everything in the video looks just fine, except the vanished copse-decaying effect.

Corpse just sinks into the ground, nothing left.

I have to say that the original corpse-decaying effect is such a delightful feature that should be kept rather than abandoned.

Here are my FOUR solid reasons for it.

1.AOM is a war game. War inevitablely leads to death. Body remains (skeleton) can highly enhance the atmosphere of war. Plus it can indicate players that a battle has just occured in the certain place.

  1. Corpse-decaying effect is not only a delightful feature of AOM original but also a shinny symble of old-school RTS games over 2000. It’s absolutely not something out-dated that should be deleted in a remastered version.

  2. Accord my survey in a popular forum in Chine, 80% of the respondent desire to have the original corpse-decaying effect in AOM retold.

  3. Corpse-decaying effect won’t affect the PEGI rating. I just found an war rts ,with decaying effect of course, on steam, and its PEGI rating is only 7.


I don’t know the actual reason for you to abandon the corpse-decaying effect, but if it is something related to cost and budget, here is a possible solution:

Devide the units into several categories( infantry, cavalry, chariot…), then make one generic sekeleton for each.(Various myth units can be the chokepoint.)

Rise of nations is a good example for that.

Another good example is stormgate,check this out.

Duplicated post.