Do you know if there will be a higher unit cap?

One the biggest faults in Aoe1 for me was that there was a unit cap of only 50 which meant some games i would get carried away and build 45 villagers and then have to delete most of them. It also meant because you could only have so few villagers it could take along time to get enough resources for stuff. I’m assuming they are increasing the unit cap, but does anyone know yet definitively if they are of if it will stay the same?

The definitive edition changes will be based on the UPatch. UPatch adds an option to set the population limit up to 400 in multiplayer, so that will most likely be possible in DE as well.

Whatever qweytr24 says. He hasn’t given a bum steer yet. :slight_smile:

They will definitely increase the unit cap for random maps and mp. They are using the uptach as a template and that is done there - not to mention that vanilla RoR also supported 200 in unit cap for mp games. I’m not sure about the campaigns though, but given that they are actually recording voices for them I would guess they also do other modern touch-ups like increasing unit caps.

Somewhere around 80 sounds like a good pop cap for rated games to me.