Do you like to play OP civs?

I’m just wondering what is the opinion of the community. Do you like to play the strongest civ possible? Sweden/Japan a few months ago? Or France before the nerfs? Or Hausa/Etiopia now?

I played a few ranked games with Japan couple months ago. This is a great civ to play, everybody knows that. I had a great time with them but at the same time I felt “guilty”.

Recently I played the most with Aztecs and Ottomans. These are arguably the weakest civs currently. And I feel much better winning with them. At the same time I’m asking a lot for buffing the Aztecs (but I want them to be competitive and versatile, not OP).

So, will you use any possibility to raise your ELO by choosing S-tier civs or are you playing more for fun?


I dont understand it too. The most ridiculous combination in TG 3v3 ranked which I have seen is Sweden, Japan and Lakota. Of course I lost…

Personally I usually play Brits, Dutch, Germans, Indians. Rarely I try China.

I play a lot of treaty and some supremacy - Russia is always my favorite, followed by Ottomans. Russia is weak in both, (Annoying to deal with yes, but still weak) and Ottomans are weak in treaty (awesome in Sup).

I think each civ should have strengths and weaknesses. Slowly but surely things are getting more fair/balanced. New African civs are busted! But, with time they will be balanced.