Do you see the Cinematic in "Armageddon~The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"?

Armageddon~The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse~ looks like a neat scenario (, and the Designer and people who played it talk about a cinematic, especially in the beginning. But although I played the map up through when I attacked the first major city, I didn’t see a cinematic. I checked the Editor and nothing stood out to me as a cinematic, but maybe I didn’t pick up on it.

This mission looks like it is pretty hard to win on Single Player because the other three “horsemen” who are your allies should best be fighting actively along with you.

The Designer wrote there:

I think I deactivated the Camera Cut trigger… but if you go to the place near the Shop, you will find two old men and it let you choose whether to watch cinematic or not. You must delete one in order to activate Player 1 Kill Counts, because in part of the cinematic, Player 1 get to kill people, so in order to stop that growing toward the kill count, I activate it in the end of the cinematic or if you delete Skip, it will automatically activate the trigger.

I don’t even understand what he means in that paragraph.

A reviewer wrote:

The story line was sort of minimal, however the movie at the beggining was sooo good, and even if some people thought it was a bit long that was made up for by so much happening.

I considered that maybe the movie was removed by the Designer in an Update, but there are no Updates listed for that file.

I guess if I play the whole thing I will run into it, but the description that the Designer wrote above is confusing.

I guess it’s just a cinematic that plays later in the match. A modder noted that in the Editor’s settings it doesn’t play on startup.