Do you stay on one difficulty level only and which one?

I’ll start. I’m a ‘moderate’ player. I tried ‘Hard’ the other day and got clobbered (although I was playing as the Dutch and that’s new for me). The AI had so many units. I’d think, ‘that’s it, I’ve got them now’ and there would come another thirty guys.

I’ll try it again sometime but for now I’m a moderate player. I wish there was something a little harder than that but not as hard as ‘hard’ as it’s pretty much impossible to lose on ‘moderate’.

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just keep practicing your build orders and you’ll get there. the art of war tutorials are great for this, as well as online guides and videos. just watching a single video and copying what they do can help drastically. something like this: The Standard French Build Order [AOE3] - YouTube

if you achieve silver on the art of war missions “booming” and “build orders”, you will easily manage to beat the hard ai consistently regardless of your civ.


Well, if that is the case, you could always try to use the “handicap” setting.

It gives the player from 0% to 100% EXTRA resource collection speed, so you could start adding that to the moderate AI configuration and see how much you can take.

Also, which is funnier, you can try fighting 2 moderates instead of 1 hard, sometimes it’s easier, depending on the civ combo.

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Good suggestions, thanks.

It’s interesting timing. I’ve been practicing the us civ trying to get the timings down. I’ve been playing against extreme and beating them more often than not. Today they did the patch that made some changes to the AI and I’ve been getting smashed. They have ramped it up apparently.

I play on standard because I want huge late game battles and I don’t like Treaty.

I noticed the comp is chasing down vils aggressively like a human player would. Before I would be able to run vils out of danger but today the comp chased them down with cav as they ran away while other units pursued their attacks on the building.

I lost this game badly. Extreme seems to be a good word for it. I may have to practice on a lower setting now.

It really seems ramdom. Sometimes the extreme AI just rolls over me as USA, other times it just lets me snowball.