Do you think predators are needed on regular ranking maps?

I saw before a few people who complain about predators like Wolves, Tigers that they say should be removed from regular maps like Arabia.

If you’re a multiplayer, do you agree with them?

I personally see predators are one of the unproblematic things that we can be bothered from or rather we can use for some special tactics. But just wonder how others think. :wink:

If these predators have a use and serve for gameplay yes, if there are just random predators which have no specific use no, making some predators close to water or when you go build forward is just annoying and doesn’t serve any purposes,
However they can be used to change the ways of playing any map like putting like 5-6 wolves on each connections between players on bf can be interessting since the walling on minute 0 is no longer possible, or making quite large numbers of lions in the middle of socotra can make it less lamed based since forward villagers will need to fight it and so loose valuables hps and time. So yeah predators can be usefull for a map if well used however.


30 min account? Pleas tell me this isn’t a certain evader.

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I have no idea what that means but I was commenting to level up my account so I could dm someone

If you aren’t him then don’t worry.

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Nothing’s better than performing a wolf rush


they are there to prevent laming, aggressively taking resources early like sending 4 villagers to make a Mill next to hunt as well as to discourage Militia drushes a bit.


Wolfes already greatly reducued in quantity esely on in de.

Wish it came back a bit

I wish for predators to not only come back, but to see the implementation of their original design as a neutral faction that has a more active role in shaping the game outside of being a static obstacle.

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Predators are needed on Black Forest so I can do triple boar lures easily without scout!!

Funnily enough I had an unloomed (forgot 11) villager lure three boar and a wolf joined the party, had sloppy micro with Scout but thanks to the wolf I didn’t lose the villager. Love them!