Do you think that the Biblical Mutation Coop Scenario is actually winnable?

In 2007, An_Unbeliever made the Biblical Mutation Coop. It seems neat because your units go through a spiral maze battling holy units and go to heaven. What I like about it is interacting with the angels and saints and transporting from earth to heaven.

It is a Multiplayer with 4 Humans against the AI. The Designer says that it’s for “Mutation Experts.” But I think that it’s probably not actually winnable even with good tactics because the enemies have so much more HP than my team’s units.

Playing Medium Difficulty with 4 Human Players total, I was defeated by one of the two Sts. Peter and Paul Prometheus titans, and playing on Easy with Cheats enabled I did not make it that far.

I am skeptical that even a team of 4 experts could beat the two Prometheuses because there are practical problems that go beyond skill level. A single replenishing Prometheus unit will destroy a Cyclops unit in a fight. The Cyclops can retreat to the beginning of the map and leave the other 3 Players to fight the Prometheuses and their pack of myth units, but those remaining 3 Players will have the same problem as the first one.

I wrote more about the difficulty in the Comments section of the Scenario’s webpage!:

I would like to know if players who are good with AOM think the same thing about this scenario.