Do you think there're Wonders that need to be redesigned?

We’ve seen a case that the Britain Wonder has changed into a new one. Before this, we already saw the Indian Wonder changed.

Likewise, do you think there’re more Wonders that need to be replaced or newly design?

  • Yes, there are. (Then, what? Comment please.)
  • No. All Wonders perfectly represent their real historical buildings.

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In my opinion, there’s at least one that really needs to be remade as it was designed after nothing but an imaginary or created design even though there’re actual replicas and enough sources for reference! :wink:

The Slav wonder being a church built in the 17/18th century is really weird to me…


Oh, makes sense! Yes. That’s been always raised.

I prefer the old indian wonder gol gombaz over the current one.having a vijayanagar building for a civi based on mughals seem odd.
Never liked the hun and cuman destroyed building wonders too but dont know if those can be changed or not.


Honestly, the Frankish wonder should be edited into a cathedral in France (Notre Dame immediately comes to mind). Right now it’s the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, which is in Czechia, not France. Though, as a Czech, in some way I don’t mind it as much and actually think it’s funny. :smiley:


The Portuguese and Spanish wonders look bad. One is a dock tower and the other one is a oversized guard tower. We need St Jeronimo Monastery (a beautiful white building).
Jerónimos Monastery - Wikipedia. The Belem Tower can remain an editor unit.
and Santiago de Compostela Cathedral Santiago de Compostela Cathedral - Wikipedia

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