Doctor Buys AoE:DE For Me

Hey guys, it me Josh, for some of the new fans to the forums, I am Torgrimmer, I am 30 yrs old and I am currently working on my Ph.D in Biblical Studies and History. Also I have a neurological condition known as hydrocephalus or high brain pressure. I been in the hospital now for 5 weeks with a brain infection and im celebrating Games-con in a hospital bed, the nurses and my doctor love it. My Doctor thinks my dedication to the game is go great, HE HAS DECIDED TO PRE-ORDER THE GAME FOR ME, HOW SWEET IS THAT. :smiley:

That’s really great bro! You have a fine doctor for sure, but first of all I wish you to get better soon.

Congratz on that bit of generocity and again, get well soon mate. On to October 21st.

That’s what I call quality care!

Get well soon my friend!

Haha that’s awesome :smiley: Get well soon man!

Nice gesture from the doctor. Get well soon!

That’s so nice of the doctor! Love heartwarming stories like this :slight_smile:

Nice one Torgrimmer !!

My theology study was basically over when I asked what happened to the worms in Jesus corpse when he ressurrected. My prof didn’t like that very much.

Great to hear really nice doctor you got there.

I hope you get better soon so you can enjoy your aoe from the comfort of your home.

Mystic_Galad was wheelchair bound and had many health issues that he found the Russian health care system couldn’t deal with and he played loads of AOK and later AOM as he found it therapeutic.

Hope you get better soon!

Get well soon!

Get well soon mate!