Dodge cooldown

I want to express my disagreement with the system they implemented to FORCE users (who paid for the game) to play games they are not interested in playing,

As a user, I decide what kind of games I want to invest my time in, and by forcing players to play maps they don’t like because they don’t have fun, they are breaking this principle and being authoritarian.

first they removed maps from the elo games that I liked, then they want to force me to play maps that I don’t like, wasting time on it and finally, if I want to search for a new game before the current one starts, they force me a punishment, that is, they deprive me of my right to play, they are abusive practices on their part.

This game came out incomplete, full of bugs, and they take forever to fix it and when everything seems to be going well, they make a terrible decision.

I do not agree with this policy and I hope that people who think like me express their discontent.

Forcing someone to do something is always the worst solution

You can still play customs games in the way you like.

custom game.

Have you played those games? It is a poor game experience, they give up every 5 minutes, they are not serious when playing them, or the level of the opponents is very unbalanced.

for a couple of maps that I’m not interested in playing they have to spoil the entire gaming experience.

your answer is very poor of arguments

I played almost 400h in this game, many of them in QM and in the last period almost in customs games especialy now with mods. They are very funny with lots of contents and i didn’t find poor experience.
About QM i wanna say finally they introduced this system to avoid continuous dodge of the maps. I do not think it is right that one wants to climb the rankings only in the maps that are convenient for him only because he knows how to play certain civilizations. If you don’t like some kind of maps play in custom, choose the map that you like and play

But many people don’t want to “climb the ranks”, many of us just want a “quick match” with someone similar on the same skill level. I don’t care, if I’m 12342nd or 23455th on the “ladder”… But I care to get a matchup where I have a chance to win without the need to wait a lot or the need to organise matchups with blurry terms…

I still don’t get why many people refer to “levels” in the Custom game, if that has nothing to do with skill, just how many time you have spent in the game (which for many of us, is no indication of how good you are…).

So I believe too, it was a mistake to add “penalty” before implementing proper game filters/map vetos whatever.
Now people just use drophack or quit early, which waste much more of your time, than a simple dodge.

I think adding the penalty without adding any map ban system was a mistake.


This morning a mod came online to have an extremely agressive AI.
You will find it on reddit AoE IV

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Well if you are entitled to dodge several times in a row, people who do not dodge are also entitled to face people that do not dodge.

So solution is to add “dodgers” queue where they can dodge each other. Of course it wouldn’t have elo or anything since dodgers only play their favorite maps thus their elo would be inflated anyways.