Dodge Dojo [A fun & fast-paced micro scenario]

Dodge Dojo is a fun & fast paced micro teamgame scenario that can be played with up to 8 players.

Each team has 3 dodgers and 1 sniper each.

  • As a dodger, you need to dodge the projectiles to stay alive.
  • As the sniper [P1 & P2], you need to kill the dodgers on the other team.

Both roles have several purchasables available.

Dodgers have a passive gold income of 5 gold per minute
Avoid taking too much damage or invest in a queen to earn extra gold*!*

Snipers can spend their resources on Ambushes and more formidable units.
Hero units cost stone as well. All units have an increased range and modified stats.

Snipers generate all resources slowly, but must choose wisely what to spend it on.


If a team loses all their dodgers, their Sniper (aka Captain) is teleported to the ring, and must fight to their death. Once a team loses their captain, it’s game over.

  • Cold Vs. hot Colors. Top vs bottom.
  • Colors can be changed, but note that player 1 and 2 must be played as snipers.
  • If you lack players, you must replace them with AI.

The mod is called β€˜β€˜Dodge Dojo’’ and can be found in in-game Mod Browser.

Good luck & have fun!