Does? and should Silk Road(otto) affect native tps?

The Silk Road card for Otto increases trade route and crates by 25% (from base stats which I just discovered.

Now that native tps also trickle xp, I dont know if the silk road affects native tp income as well.

So the first question is does it affect native tp income and second is should it?

it might be a decent boost for otto on non-tp maps and I think it would still be worse then just going silk road on TP maps.

I dont know whether it might be too much in cases where there are both

Silk Road has no effect.

That being said, I think it would be even more important to focus on bonuses that did use to provide xp bonuses to native trading posts, which have been relatively nerfed (i.e. Ceque System, Ohio Supply Network, the African influence bonus).