Does any dev know how to answer me if the Russians forts don't train musks (rekrut) and halbs (poruchik) anymore, is it on purpose or a bug?

in the pup of july it is currently no longer possible to train musks (rekrut) and halbs (poruchik) from the russian forts, is this on purpose or would it be a bug can someone help/answer me


This sounds like a bug


tells you how much testing is done when implementing all these random changes

Thats why it is a Pup not a release, so these things can be picked up.


as a public beta we should find bugs like a unit description wasnt updated or an odd interaction with a new unit upgrade interfering with a native tech or something. Not literally a whole civ not able to train its own units in its own buildings

That’s why you should report it so it can be fixed before they release the update in a few weeks.


This is probably because original Russia got a 20% shadow nerf to the batch trained musks, strel, halbs from blockhouses, but if you trained from a fort they had the full combat stats of other civs. So with the name changes in the blockhouse they probably haven’t updated the fort

thats a myth on the public wiki and it never was like that. all musketeers on the field trained by russia had the same stats at all times

Ah interesting, didn’t know. Just a bug/oversight then

Actually the unit description bugs don’t usually get fixed on PUPs (I have reported many), but the bugs such as the one mentioned by OP do get fixed in my experience.

I don’t know why you have to be so aggressive at something that routinely happens every other PUP


not aggressive, exasperated.