Does anybody know

Somebody from the last 15 pages of the 1 vs 1 QM ladder?

I’d like to interview somebody from down there to learn what their thoughts are on the game and what keeps them coming back for more. I feel like I’d get some valuable opinions from them, along with other information, like whether or not they are playing while running on a treadmill or while doing squats in front of an ergonomic PC stand.

I’m not joking. I’d even be willing to pay them for their time.

There is one guy who frequently posts on these forums and on Steam forum too. I forget his name. Khorix? He is 40 in the world.


EDIT: Apologies for tag I misunderstood the OP.

Oh, sorry, to clarify, I meant the last 15 pages as in, 700 ELO on down.

Such as these:

Ah right apologies. Your OP takes a different meaning now! XD Try that grunt rush thread :stuck_out_tongue:

You can add them on Steam by clicking their profile on then message them there directly.

That’s some special kind of talent

If you’re not joking about interviewing those folks, then you need to choose better words my friend.


I see that you think you are a bit of a legend. Has that massive brain of yours ever considered that these accounts are likely children or people with learning difficulties playing solely for enjoyment with no desire to improve? Maybe I could interview you on cultivating feelings of superiority towards strangers for their below average gaming skills.

I’m not joking. I’d even be willing to pay you for your time.

I am sorry. I did not expect to make an offense. I suffer from neurological issues, limited vision, hearing, and mobility from traumatic bridge fall accident as a teenager. I use gaming as a therapy as I spend time at home in between baking bread which I take to friends and family recovering from Covid since AoE4 came out.

I am always open to giving my story and hearing from others to expand my understanding of anything. I made this thread because I thought that there must be at times an interesting story for some people on the bottom of ELO ladders as with Low-ELO Legends videos I saw on YouTube.

:joy: Can’t believe I even fell for the original bait. Get outta here