Does anyone else feel like siege unit pathing is terrible?

Unit pathing has gradually improved ever since AOE 2 DE. With recent patches, villager pathing has also gotten substantially better. But for the love of god siege unit pathing really needs some attention as it is just the worst unit pathing in this game, by far.

The easiest way to see this in action is when you have a group of siege rams. If you issue an attack command and they have units in front of them or if they have to path through a slightly narrow gap, they will constantly bump on each other, move towards blocked paths just to turn around or straight up go in what seems like random directions.

Has anyone else experienced this in their game? Hopefully, a dev can investigate siege pathing in particular cause at the moment it is not on par with other unit pathing.


rams are absolutely revolting, and its part of the reason i condemn anyone that recommends their use to newer players, they simply need too much babysitting

the worst (as you said) is not only how enemies body block them with the slightest touch causing them to 180, but how they bloody body block one another… revolting…


Yeah especially battering rams is even more annoying because they deal so little damage too and you always need like 5 to take out a position.

It’s one of the reasons castles are so strong in castle age, the unit that is supposed to counter them would rather do a 360 and walk away via the world edge than go and attack.

Maybe reduce the hitbox on rams, scorps and mangos are fine.


yeah at least reduce the hitbox, and i say increase speed to siege ram speed… they wont become meta units… but people will be opposed to the idea simply because thats how rams have always been (looking at you longswords)

Rams are meta. Yes, they have terrible pathing, but they do their job. I hate it when they idle in random places.

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Yes ram pathing is and always has been horrible… Will the devs fix it? Who knows


with this statement I assume, by bad pathing, you mean they dont seek targets like all the other units? That’s because their attack radius and LOS is so low.

well then get out of their way.
what are you using 10 rams? record a video next time

do you see anything wrong? I do not really