Does anyone else think its odd that Steppe Lancer can attack over walls?

I think its really odd that SL can attack over walls. I know there are other ranged units that have a melee attack, but they’re all throwing things… SL are just using a big pointy stick they can some how pass through a wall to damage things on the other side? I’m sure this is working as intended… but it also seems kind of… meh. vils not being safe from melee attack behind giant stone walls seems a bit wtf 11


Maybe vils within 1 tile are possibly on the wall, since there is no mechanic for that? Use your imagination. ;p

I find it equally troubling how easy it is to attack a vil at a corner of the wall from the outside now with any unit

They are just too good at finding gaps on the walls.

Walls can only stop traversal, not attacks. It is even possible to attack through walls with zero range melee units if the unit is close enough to the target, usually when both units stand on the edges of diagonally adjacent tiles. This is a hard coded mechanism of the game engine that cannot be mitigated without serious changes to the code (and thus to game play) - something we’re extremely unlikely to see.

One range means exactly one tile so Steppe Lancers still can’t attack anything through walls (since a wall occupies one tile) but simply have better access to attack diagonally. If one makes full straight walls there is no way Steppe Lancers can attack anything on the other side of that wall. It really isn’t a big game changer especially since Steppe Lancers are a castle age unit and by that time the opponent should have more than berry/mining camp quick walls that allow diagonal attacks.

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does the same happen for dismounted inca steppe lancer? ah! kamayuks!

Yes, Kamayuks have always been able to do this, even if it was more used to kill rams from inside your base than to raid.

I played a game that triggered my posting of this where i watched SL take down a tower and two houses right over the wall. straight across it.

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Yeah I guess that is possible because the Steppe Lancer stands right at the edge of its own tile (which means it’s just barely standing on the wall’s tile) and whatever building sits across the wall also occupies an entire tile, so 1 range is sufficient. This can barely happen with units as targets since they don’t occupy an entire tile.