Does anyone else want the Polynesians and Micronesians in the game?

I can’t be the only one who thinks the Polynesians and Micronesians would be creative ideas for a new expansion. They could have a new architecture set, AND a new regional unit acting as an Eagle Warrior equivalent. I have already come up with civ ideas for the two if anyone is interested.

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I would prefer civs I can speak out.

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I’m confused by what you mean as to “speak out.”


Well, they aren’t really Fluent on the tongue when saying them out loud.

Do you mean in terms of languages? I don’t know what the Micronesians could speak, but I thought the Polynesians could speak modern Hawaiian, as anachronistic as it is.

Both faction names are too broad but I’d love to see some Oceanian factions indeed.

What would you suggest?

I figured the Polynesians could represent Samoa, Tonga, Easter Island, and possibly New Zealand if the Maori aren’t a separate civ (with a tiny amount of Hawaii).

The Micronesians would mainly represent the Saudeleur Dynasty, though their unique unit would be called the Kiribati and named after the I-Kiribati people, and being based on the unique armor, headdress, and weaponry they used.

Well all those guys had 0 contacts with the civs in the game during the AoE2 timeframe, unlike the American civs who have at least the Spanish, and giving them basic stuff needed for an AoE2 civ to be functional would be even more of a stretch than doing so for said American civs.

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I think they would be easier to implement in AoE3

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Think the poster just found Polynesians or Micronesians hard to pronounce (which is stupid).

I wouldn’t mind seeing them, and they probably have some connections to the Malay, right? So it’s not like they had 0 contacts with the civs in the game. Dunno about their history, but sounds interesting!

I’m not actually sure if they did. I know they were related to them, and I think they may have had some contact with Arab traders. I’m not sure.

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Some of the Polynesian nations literally had contact with South America. There is archaeological evidence, in the form of certain flora that existed in both South America, and Oceania, but nowhere else, as well as other things that suggest/prove they met South Americans. They would also be S-Tier ocean going civs, maybe not so great at naval warfare, but in a lot of ways better at sailing and navigation then the Europeans were.


That’s really neat! It does seem like they should be in the game based on this.

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No, but I want the Maori and New Zealand maps in AoE III.

Just take a specific one e.g. Tongans, Samoans etc.

Nope. Sorry but they have zero appeal to me.


I don’t see the point of that. Umbrella civs help keep things reasonable so we don’t have over a hundred civs. Plus, that was what was done in the past, and I agree with that approach.

“Europeans” next then.

I get what you’re saying. I just don’t think there should be a civilization for every single ethnic group. If they’re loosely related by either culture or nationality, then there’s an argument to be made that they should be combined together.

Europe has many different cultures and kingdoms, so lumping them all together is silly. By comparison, there were only two or three truly notable Polynesian kingdoms or empires, so it’s less silly to represent them all with one civ. Remember, each civilization needs to have unique units and techs; if there isn’t enough of a difference among all the different ethnic groups to give them those, then the better move is combining them together. It’s a game, not a history textbook.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a counterpoint, but Sumerians also met South Americans lol

Anyway, if Polynesians were added, I think the game could also introduce a “scout ship” unit, even if it would only available in water maps.