Does anyone feel the Exetreme AI becomes much much Weeker after the latest patch

I am around elo 1000.
I Can beatdown Extreme+AI +Handi 20%~30% hardly before.
After the recently path I can easily beatdown the Extreme AI + 50%.
I have no way to compare the AI strengh between the differenct patch, so it’s just a felling.
Anyone can confirm that?

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They dont select decks so they are a bit slow. Its a bug

If you play them on treaty at like 20 mins they are still pretty formidable


Oh… That’s bad…

Hope DEVs hotfix this.

I’ve had the same issue, AI is much weaker after last patch.

Hope they fix it!

If anyone wants, they can play with my “AI”, because it is stronger than the original “AI”.
Subscribe and play with: “AOE2_Golden_DE (AI)”. This “AI” also works with the original “dat” file.

Same problem here. I play with semi-casual friends (I am myself quite a decent player) and usually it can become tense in 3vs4. Yesterday, the two games were very smooth with no real difficulty.