Does anyone remember how the lobby was set up in 2003-2007?

Everything else when hosting a game works how it’s set up. It’s looking for a game that is an issue, not very inviting when being new to a lobby. If I remember correctly because I don’t have a pic nor can I find one for the lobby and sorry, a heads up if how I explain this is a little difficult to understand.

When I go to the lobby it’s just a roll of games that are listed in one big line and you have to scroll down to look for a game, other words very unorganized. Sorry, this is nothing personal to anyone but it looks like a big mess of games slapped together. Back in 2003, IMO it was set up a lot better. You had pages and you could see all the games on that page that was being hosted or a room open to hosting a game. When looking for a game you didn’t have to scroll down to look for a game you might be interested in. You just clicked the arrow to go to the next page and see all the games listed. Each page had hmm, the best way I can put it is each page had circles/bubbles that looked something like this…


You clicked on one circle to host a game or join one that was set up in the lobby.
Can we get a better format for the lobby as far as picking rooms to host a game or joining one? The other thing that worked out better in 2003 and I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this now as I have, but hosting a game I was able to browse the lobby while waiting for players to join my game. In this new lobby, if I browse, it changes my settings and I have to reset everything. Can that be fixed as well? It shouldn’t change my settings looking at other games while hosting one.

I actually like the unlimited listing way more than the paging scheme. It’s a lot better to search from top to bottom of available games, and go back and forth overall.

Remember to use the filters available, they can make your life better while browsing lobbies.

I liked how it was set up back then because you didn’t need a search engine, it was all there. Plus using a search engine limits your search because you have to use key words that don’t fit on whats actually being posted from players hosting games. It comes up blank a lot of the time, basically you get nothing, a no result search.

This feature is still alive and well for age of empires on voobly.

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I remember the MSN zone lobby back in 2001-2002 :slight_smile: Nostalgia!

The ranked matchmaking we have now is much better. There’s just so much nostalgia for me back then, it was when I first fell in love with the game, I was just a kid and everything was more exciting for me back then … plus, we’ll spoiled nowadays.

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Sorry, I know this is late but back in 2002 I was in my mid 20’s and AOE became the only game I played for a while that it gave me many late nights and regretting going to work the next day :smile:

When I found AOE and started playing on MSN it was the first game I have ever played that allowed us to create our own maps. That opened a whole new world for me especially when it came to Halo and when MSN announced they were shutting it down in 2007 if I remember correctly in 2007, I was so bummed.

So, here were are and I’m wondering if I should have gone with the HD version. I didn’t know there was one until after the fact.