Does anyone understand the observe multiplayer rules? Can we please remove private match history option for observing?

There are times I would like to observe a quick match, 8 player game. Some of these players DO NOT have their match history marked as private where some do. Yet the game is never shown in the observe section.

How does it work in the Observe section? If 1 player has their history marked as private, and 7 players have match history as public, is the game not shown in the ongoing match list?

I feel they should remove the private options and let anyone observe RM/QM, just like in AoE2.

2 reasons.

  1. Many of the best players have their match history public in AoE4
  2. You destroy competitiveness and learning the game by locking people from observing ongoing and old matches. Players should be able to observe any match under ranked/quick with the 5 minute delay rule still applying to ongoing.

Most of the time I find a workaround in viewing an old match by looking up opponents that don’t have their history private. However this does not work for ongoing matches, or matches where both players are set to private.

I would also like to see the game implement the ability to launch into observing a match with a protocol url path. This way could implement a live feed of ongoing matches, and you can launch into observing a match by clicking a button from your browser window.


Except for custom games, you should be able to see all the quick play and ranked games and, apart from what you say, investigate well if someone cheats.

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Yes, I agree, except for custom games.

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This is a good take.

In Go (the game i play offline as well) as well as in Chess studiing pro games is a good way to improve.

  • When i enter a Go or Chess server i can observe every game that is played live and interact with other observers. The only exception is private lessons. (because money).

But not all will be happy.

  • There are some that don’t like spectators or don’t perform well when someone is watching.

The second is kind of hiarious.

  • It will be harder to win arguments like i lost because this unit/ strategy was op. Because people will go watch the game and …

But i would limit this as everyone said to Rakned and potentialy Quickmatch.