Does anyone use side scrolling as a hotkey?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to get a new mouse and had a question. I use the forward and back side buttons on my mouse as hotkeys for idle vills and the tc. However, I find moving my thumb back and forth is kind of cramped and not comfortable. I’ve seen that some mouses have scroll wheels on the side of the mouse for scrolling side to side on a webpage. Can anyone please confirm that you can set a hotkey to “scrolling sideways” either by moving the main mouse wheel side to side or with a secondary mouse wheel? Obviously, you can up scroll up and scroll down as hotkeys which most use for rotating gates, zooming. Cheers.

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This is possible in HD. I use a logitech g502. Eg, I have att ground, go to lumbercamp & set waypoint on scroll left.

Do you mean not possible in DE? Only in HD?

I can only confirm for HD. Pretty sure it’s also available in DE. I’d get one with side scolling anyway, it’s a must for webbrowsing.

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So I tried changing hotkeys in the settings using scroll gestures with my laptop’s track pad (two finger swipe). I can change hotkeys to work with scroll up and down (swipe up and down with two fingers on the track pad), but not with scroll left and right (swipe left and right with two fingers on the track pad). This leads me to believe you can’t use side scrolling as a hotkey in DE. If anyone could confirm it would be very helpful.

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