Does developers really keep their promise?!

The actual update will follow later in the week
Do you still remember your promise 3 days ago?
Or am I just misunderstand its means?

Why don’t you just straight ahead call it August update?
Or give us more specific date?
“You’ll get your update before 7/31”.

You’re misunderstanding. He says it’ll all happen next week.


Dude, it’s just a game.


I personally, think something happened. Like they found a game ruining bug before putting it out and it’s taking them a long time to fix it. They have quite a few AI bugs still in the game from the October 2022 update.


I prefer to wait for a well finished patch instead of getting a game-breaking one. And guys, its a game, you are talking as if it is the apocalypsis (while aliens havent come yet haha)



Just like Artist and Sports competitions:

Say these to the judges.

They would have just explained it when they finally agreed to “communicate” with us few days ago.
But they choose to blame the Steam and Valve’s technical problems.

So they should not pretend they are gonna release update anytime soon, and explain they need more time to fix it, instead played us.

Sure. Point me in the right direction and I will.


You can multiquote in a single message

You’re being ironic, right? right?

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The least fan of the game… but I agree with him…

It usually happens… it’s hard to get used to it at first xd…

I do not think so…

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Even if they would just stop supporting the game I wouldn’t go to the forums and cry about it.
AoE3DE is not an expensive AAA game with a lot micro transaction (no 1 explorer pack is not the same), season pass etc.
How many modern games get patches for 3 years, not counting service games that have the earlier mentioned things in them.

And especially remasters. It’s very rare for remasters to get any patch support other then bugfixes. I can’t think of any other remaster that actually got new DLC.
And yet there are people shouting that they are being lied to and spam the forums with complaints that a free patch for an almost 3 year old game gets delayed by a few weeks.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t ask the developers why the patch hasn’t released yet but we don’t need to go around saying they lied, shouting at them, calling them lazy, saying they hate AoE3 etc.

We are adult (at last most of us) and the developers adults so we should talk with them like adults.
It’s not Fortnight here or whatever kids play those days.


Can a dev agent take a look at this thread?

That might not do anything. I’ve talked to at least 2 separate defs about the AI break that France has had since October 2022, and I’ve sent them evidence and whatnot, and others have mentioned it, it’s still in the game.

But I think something came up, I’m sure of it. I’ve never heard of an update being canceled/delayed like this/transitioned to the next month, so clearly like they had to have had a major problem, and I’d rather them catch it now than later.

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Dev agents are the mods

That doesn’t change my statement, nor its context. I stand by what I said. I don’t know if it will help. There’s been multiple glitches reported post Knights of the Mediterranean and they aren’t getting fixed. NOW I do not think this is because they don’t care, I think their attention has been forced away from AOE3 to the other games. That is JUST a hunch, I have no evidence to support that theory, I just feel that they were so vigilant and so exceptional from 2020 to 2022 and then it just stopped, something happened.

I love this game, it was a major therapy game for me during the height of the pandemic, and I want to it succeed and continue to grow and am super thankful to the devs for getting us to this point.


forum  complaints


I LOVE THIS POST. It really does encapsulate the whole ordeal. I know telling people to be patient is no longer going to help so I guess we can have a good laugh.


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