Does have sense that Sentinels are 2 pop?

I mean the sentinels star with almost the same stats as 1 pop musk, i understand that they increase their stats as time goes on and u get all their shipments, but even with all the upgrades and stats they are still weak if we compare with the other 2 pop no mercenary musk, the mexican soldado even with the most basic configuration. Then was the sense of 2 pop sentinels, they are bad and in treaty, they work better as settlers building forts and towers than musk, if the idea of them is having a musk in limited numbers then they should be 1 pop and be trainable in limited numbers as Lakota Tashunke Prowler , of course with the respective balance that would imply make them 1 pop.
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First of all, we must think about how the sentinel is designed. It is basically a unit with higher statistics than the musketeers, but it is boosted with nearby defensive buildings, therefore, we can deduce that it is a unit designed for defense. Once the game progresses further, starting with buffs and HC cards, it will improve its offensive capabilities.

Now, taking that into account from the design, making it worth 2 pop is the best way to balance it in the early game. It is a killing machine in the first 10-15 minutes of the game, especially when you use them to defend and intelligently. Honestly, I always found it better if they cost 2 pop in the early stages, and in Imperial or Industrial, being able to make them 1 pop, but reduce their overall strength a bit.

In summary, the sentinel breaks the AoE3 paradigm a bit, and gives you a unit that is very useful for defense and not so much for offense. Which is kind of weird, because there isn’t another unit like it in the game. In treaty, you usually want a unit that fulfills both roles, both defense and offense. But in supremacy it is very good.


This is already the third or fourth post about this unit it needs to be 1 pop and decreasing its stats does not justify this unit being 2 pop just because it can build a tower, since there are cards for infantry to build barracks and other military buildings for Otto, Lakota, Haude, USA and India

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plus the Maltese army is already much suffered in population with original army fire thrower units and 2 pop sentinel and 2pop and the hospitaller and 2 pop, at least make the sentinel 1 of population and decrease their damage and life stats to be fair.

For the towers to train unit needs this card on age 3
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their secret advantage is supposed to be range in the lategame but due to the way wall guns is shit its not really viable.

I would want to make wall guns viable first before we think about pop change

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Sentinels need a bit buff again
Maybe increasing their range will solve the problem