Does incendiary arrows ignore armor?

Question in title
Please answer only if you know for sure :slight_smile:

no mate, only %20 damage increase.

From my own tests what you are saying is not true.
I need the real formula if someone knows.

What do you mean by formula?
It’s damage - armor = lost health.

There are 3 type of damage: Melee, Range and Fire.
I need to know how the fire damage added with incendiary is calculated.

I can confirm 11 dmg longbow shooting a ram with 8 ranged armor using incendiary upgrade does 9 damage, I tested that.

Rams have 30 ranged armor so I’m not quite sure what you’re testing there.

sorry I meant a mangonel, with 8 ranged defense, 11 dmg longbow shot with incediary arrows did 9 damage tested.

What I’m trying to say is that fire damage ignores ranged armor from what I’ve saw, but I still don’t know how much fire damage IA upgrade adds and what is the formula for it.

We know it adds 20% ranged damage, but there is a secret fire damage factor which doesn’t appear in the description.

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