Does season highest rank count?

Season 5 finishes in about one month at 26/10. I’m now ranked platinum both in solo and 2v2s with my friend.

The thing is i cannot find clear information if the season highest rank is what counts, or if the rank when the season closes is what counts? We’re afraid of playing more ranked games since we don’t want to risk going on a loose-streak making platinum unobtainable before the seaons ends.

I’ve looked through the forums and i can only find that both the devs and players want rewards according to the season highest rank - back in may 2022. But i cannot find if this was actually put in motion or not.

Does anyone know, or should we be careful and just play quick games until the season ends?

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They changed it in season 5 to be the highest rank achieved. It used to be whatever you ended at.