Does selecting more villagers cause more late-game lagg?

During some lategame scenarios is 4+ player lobbies, I’ve noticed that the building placement function tends to lagg more if i select a large amount of villagers when spam-queue buildings as compared to when a small number is selected. In the most extreme case, the game froze for a solid 10 seconds when i tried to place buildings with 30 workers, but worked just fine if I queued buildings with 1 worker and shift queued the other 29 villagers to the then established building foundations.
Has anyone else experienced this?

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Ever had 20 production buildings qued up with 10 units each in a real late game situation. Even in 1v1, your frame rate will drop when u select your hotkey for your production buildings

I notice this problem only in custom game with 7vs1 Ultra AI with 500 pop cap or more…
What’s your pc spec?

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24gig RAM ( 16.9 availible);
Intel i7-8750H CPU 2.29GHz 2208Mhz, 6 Cores, 12LPU ;
GTX 1050 Ti GPU
I run the game on lowest settings.
The times when i’ve noticed the thing has generally been lategame in Nomad Megarandom. I haven’t put thought to differences on Large vs Gigantic map sizes.

I think is lack of brutal power of your pc.
Try a custom game Vs IA with high resources in age 4 and start building as hell.
You have lag with tons of units on screen in combat?

is true

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sometimes it happens when you select as 20 villagers and send spam, it’s a problem of the game, I have a 2080ti and other components not bad, but it happens and doesn’t happen for too many things on the screen it’s just a bug, when you take too many villagers and you create buildings in a wheel too quickly it happens, even if there are no big armies etc, it happens to me sometimes in team games, not often, but it has happened to me more than once, most of the time I don’t have this problem, practically hardly ever

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