Does the AI never just give up?

I am trying to play a mode where you don’t just destroy a landmark or a sacred site and play a true “age of empires” experience.

Generally speaking, in all the other AoE games the AI will just resign when you bet them, however in this game they won’t?! you must destroy every troop and every building? My friends and I have games that take an extra 45 minutes trying to space troops evenly to show the whole map or find the last mining camp.

This is game breaking and a reason to give up and just go play AoE2.

It’s because you chose to play that mode of game. That’s why the game included Landmark, Sacred site, or wonder victories… So the game just act as the way you like. Nothing is wrong here.

The point being, I don’t want a victory condition where building a wonder wins, it capturing / destroying a site.

I’m looking for a conquest victory where you can just build economies and army and fight it out, not just defend a wonder and win.