Does the AI use the market?

I mean if it buys/sells resources in the market, does anyone know it?

Depends on the difficulty level I guess, but you can easily check this on the statistics screen at the end of a match.

As far as I know the AI does use the market, yes.

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You can know that so easy buy clicking twice on the button on the far right corner (score button on minimap) while you clicking on the market, you will see the prices differences.

I can see tributes given/received, or resources gathered, but how would I know if the AI used the market to buy stone, for example?

You mean if 100 wood is payed like 50 gold at minute 15, and then 30 gold at minute 25 probably the AI is selling it?
I’m asking because I almost play team games only and I wanted to know if the AI can “abuse” the market if my team sells a lot of resources for gold (usually wood and food) to buy them cheaply.

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Confirming that the AI does indeed use the market to buy/sell resources and can even do so on any difficulty level. :slight_smile:


thx all for your help :slight_smile:

Man, that had to be a tricky bit of code/trigger to write.