Does the Aztec 'Calendar Ceremony' help during the CURRENT age up?

Is there any point in using the calendar ceremony dance DURING an age up? In other words, does it decrease the cost of the age up currently being researched, or will it only affect the age up after the currently being researched age up? I assume that the cost is decreased even if the dance is changed to something else prior to the next age up being researched, or does the discount get lost?

Well, it is easy to check in UI during the game.
If you click Age Up button, current discout from the Calendar Ceremony will be applied and proper amount of resources will be taken from you at this very moment. If you continue to dance the discount you will get will be applied to the next Age Up (if you age up again in this game).

If you change the ceremony, your discount is not lost. If you click Age Up button later you will still see smaller food/gold needed to Age Up.

How do I check in UI during the game? I don’t see anything. When I hover the mouse over it it shows the current discount, I guess, as you say, it is applied towards the next age up, not the one in progress, so it makes no sense to dance during an age up unless you plan to age up again after that.

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This is exactly what I mean.
But on the other hand it must be working like this because resources must be taken from you when you click Age Up button. So dancing during Age Up can’t be applied to ongoing Age Up because you already paid for it a specific amount of resources.

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