Does the ingame chat work?

Hi all

I’m started playing aoe1DE this week. I’ve had a dozen odd games so far. In none of these games has anyone said glhf at the start or gg at the end. Even though I’ve sent these messages every game. I’ve done this with the quick chat dialogue (enter) and by opening up the full chat dialogue.

Does chat even work? Or do DE people just not talk?

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i am no master in aoe1 but in aoe2 at low levels of play people just play the match and thats it, no gg no glhf so this might apply there as well

Team games? By default your chat only goes to your teammates.
If you want to all chat, you either have to change message options from the diplomacy window or use * at that start of your message.

People do talk less in AoE than they do in StarCraft, for example. But they still communicate(sometimes). It is pretty common to see someone asking to open wall in a team game or ask for resources but GLHF and GG are not that usual. A lot of the time people also quit the game or go view the statistics screens after game ends, which hides the chat. The chat is also mixed in with the other announcements(like unit created, you’re being attacked, etc) so it quickly gets lost in game. The on screen time is also not very long.

Then there’s the fact that early game, there’s a lot more to do than in most other RTS games, you don’t really have that lull of the early game(like StarCraft) as a player to write and chat. All that time is away from your early game, which in turn can delay your tool times. I would say 1 out of 20 games I get a start where I don’t have to be doing something constantly.

TL:DR It works and people do talk but the game isn’t very conducive to chatting.

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