Does this game have an option to disable UI and how do you use the cinematic camera angle like Age of Noob does?

Does this game have an ability to turn of UI?


One thing I wish to do in this game is to turn off the UI. But I have no idea how to do it or maybe I have forgotten how to do it. Do I have to play a skirmish match and then use the replay?

I am asking as I want to create a cinematic story style series focused on the gameplay single player element as opposed to MP. With MP I have no idea how to get started in the game it’s a bit over whelming. Would you watch for single player content?

Also how does age of noob get those insane cinematic camera angles? I’m struggling to find out how he does it.

To hide UI, turn on cheats and in chat, type: “minimally minimal”.

As for cinematic camera, I think you need to download a mod for that.

I would like that a button for this, maybe it could come turned of by default and then you have to assign a key to it.