Does trash bows make fast castle strategies meaningless?

My build order on this strategy:

  1. 6 on sheep
  2. 3 on wood
  3. 2 more on hunting
  4. 6 on berries
  5. click up at 3 on wood and 14 on food
  6. when they finish on hunting 3 on gold and rest of berries
  7. make marked and blacksmith as soon as possible
  8. depending on situation make one mill at deer and maybe sell stone for fc
  9. after finish buildings requirement for next age put all from wood and gold to stone.
    Leave an minimum vills amount on food for get the 800 food for castle age
  10. as soon as clicked up take all 17 on stone
  11. make an castle between wood line and gold
  12. split up the 17 vills half wood and half gold (cuz castle unit only cost gold and wood)
  13. set gathering point at the enemy and spamm units continouly
  14. if the first enemy get damaged enough set gathering point to next enemy and go on
  15. if he push back group them start microing

At this strategy will the score obviously fall back. BUT i make some good experience with it.
I even not need walls cuz the castle is enough. Just my only weak point is the crossbow/arablest with ballistics, Bodkin arrow, Fletching and so on.

When i come across them it feels like an humiliation. It makes every other unit in the game useless.

It makes me think like:

Why make Mangudai when get oneshoteted by trash bow who has better cost effectiveness?
Why make Mameluke when get oneshoteted by trash bow who has better cost effectiveness?

Maybe this is an Noobs questions, but it makes me question why even make other units. I feel like trash bows is just complety broken.

Against average player may my strategies works fine. But against experts i experienced mass trash bows very often.

I know mangonel is an good counter unit. BUT they get freaking oneshoteted. Also are they very cost intense.

I’ve played an 4x4 game where one guy basically win it 4x1. He just run through every player and finish them one by one.

Why are they so strong man?!?

because both those units have better mobility to them and you can hit where the trash bows are not.
furthermore if your opponent is going trash bows, make skirms, and they will counter those trash bows hard.

if you’re mangonels are getting one shotted he has so much invested into trashbows that fielding a similar resource army of knights should wreck it.
that said, mangonels have the same range as trash bows. they should at least be getting off a shot before they die.

sounds like that player in question was much better then those he was playing against.

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There is no need for trashbows in early game because gold is easy to come by. Instead of getting the castle + the unique tech, you could be gathering resources for more archers.

also very true, wood is valuable in castle age.

or knights.

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Trashbows are really not that impressive on a competitive level.