Dont call a mongol, mongol

I entered a game with a mongol civ player, and when the game begun, to speed up things and decide the strategy, I’ve referred him as “mongol”

then, what happened???

I laughed alot!

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Err… what? What does this have to do with anything?

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Idk how in your country but when we call someone Mongol or Mongoloid we dont mean it like he is from Mongolia but its the same like words imbecil,retard,braindead,slow etc. - I think this is because of bad history we share with Mongols/Huns - basically with everyone who came from east (Czech here)

Was probably most used word during our math lectures.

Same as when we had a shower after the football match and someone was called Chinesse or Asian it was because of his 3--------

Well to be correct it was because of his 3- and not 3--------

I know I know, its just the fact that we cant refer to a mongol civ player as mongol! ppl is getting sick mad

sorry, between the lines of what happened and I laughed was meant to have 6 hashtag, because I was censored
for some reason posts cant have 6 followed hashtags # # # # # #