Don't forget what the two most important aspects of AOE4 are: Gameplay & Multiplayer

I don’t know about you guys, but for me – and I think I am speaking for the majority here – gameplay and multiplayer are the two most important aspects.

The second most important aspect is whatever improvies the immersion in the game: graphics, animations, scaling of objects, etc.

What doesn’t matter for the majority of the players are: campaign being good; accurate historic portrail; etc.

The reason why I state the priorities is because people don’t seem to realize that making the graphics more realistic also means that gameplay is compromised … how? Well, if the colors of the units, for instance, isn’t as colorful in relation to the “background”, it is harder to find and keep track of units in the game resulting in worse gameplay. However, having such colorful cartoonish units does break the immersion a little. Whether it is worth it depends on the trade-off in respect to the game play – I just want you all to remember that. You all seems to be solely intestered in having the graphics look as realistic as possible; this might not be that good of idea when it comes to gameplay.

Although black text on a dark blue background might look cool. It makes for a horrible reading experience.

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I’m a very very hardcore Age of Empires singleplayer vs AI player. As long as we have as much Player vs AI customizable map options as we do in most of the games in the series I’ll be ok with everything.

As for campaigns, it’s been a staple game mode for the majority of the franchise at this point, while it doesn’t need to be amazing we know they’re putting their heart into it.

You’re probably speaking for the majority but you partially speak for me. I agree with half of what you say, in that Gameplay comes first. I agree 100%. Great gameplay is what I look forward too.

I’m mostly a casual city-builder though. Thats all I do lol. I just literally roll a dice some days to pick my Age of Empires game and then just enjoy the 2 hours of slow-defensive building up of my bases and expanding late game. I know Age of Empires 4 will be my jam. :sunglasses:

Depends on the AI and campaign style.
In Definitive Edition Ai is much better than before, so it makes more fun to play single player.

If campaigns are made like in Aoe2, it may not attract a huge amount of people.
If campaigns are more like Age of Mythology, Aoe3 (or better) with some cinematics, many people will play them.

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