DONT give us a balance patch!

Genesis showing that French aren’t as OP as we had all thought!

Imagine if they had been nerfed too early!

It’s great to see the game evolving!


If referencing into “Genesis”.
Check pickrate for French, every match French were picked by both players, no other civ has similar pickrate.


French were beat once or twice in non mirror matches in games with pro players, french not op confirmed.


They lost more than they won!

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I was being a bit cheeky, but when pro players are saying that france is overpowered and they are constantly rated S tier, the top pic for games and presumably have the highest win rate then I think it’s safe to say they’re overpowered. Just because they lost a bit in a pro gaming tournament where all the pros have been practicing against each other beforehand doesn’t mean they’re not OP. They have the best bonuses of all the civs with no downside, have extremely strong xbows and knights, strongest navy and barracks and archery range units 20% cheaper around castles (30% with unique tech). The civ is fundamentally more overpowered than the other civs and most of the non-mirror french loses were due to the french player being outplayed, not because the winners civ was as strong or more strong


I agree people are starting to figure out counters to french on land. But we definitely need a fix at least for their water aspect as their still dominate it cuz of their age2 hulks and that is making water maps extremely boring and not fun because its either french mirrors or people will just drop on water maps.
Also french dont even have a reason to use their unique ship either due to hulks being just better option.

Cynically I felt the players had spent all week practicing anti-French, while too often their French Strategy devolved into “I know my opponent is throwing spears at me like no tomorrow - but my solution is just make more knights. Oh it hasn’t worked.”

Obviously these guys are better than me, and archery ranges aren’t free - but we saw so many engagements where if they’d had say 3 less knights and 8-9 more archers, they’d have just mown down 20+ spearmen. Instead 10 knights charge in and just get chopped down - a few spears/archers are left, they make a ram and its all over.

What are u even talking , france is op everyone is playing france in genesis , if someone is not playing france that is becoz they didn’t get to play france .

U know why they r doing this ???

Think Dude think ???

Why everyone is trying to grab france ???

Becoz none wants to be at disadvantage by playing any other civ becoz France has advantage over every other civ .

They have practiced 100s game vs france , they know they r at disadvantage when they play some other civ .

Even if frabce has 60% win rate they r op,

I still believe they have 70+% win rate vs all other civ over all on land and 80+% on water . Everyone will pick them whenever they can .

Dude are u even watching genesis properly ?

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Some beaten France with some secret cheese doesn’t mean they r not op specially when u made those strategy specifically to beat a standard France game play . U can beat a op civ if u surprise them . . U don’t need to have 100% win rate to be op . Even 60-70% win rate is op enough for a game like aoe4 .

They have op knights , that’s u can’t chase with pike , they are fast , they can kill pike with their charge . With +1 range armour they take no demage from tc or towers , even if they take , they can heal .

They have some of the best landmarks .

Most op navy .

Even with all in rush , frabce boom better than any other civ , becoz of faster training vill. No other civ in this game can outboom france ,

U can watch everysingle reply , france always outboom every other civ on same number of tc .

Late game knights are op , with super good crossbow and culverins , they have one of the best combo , they late game combo only comparable to rus and Chinese but with better eco .


That’s partly because their unique ship is bugged, which has been reported in the bug report section. It doesn’t do the damage it should.

Its really not a huge deal, if they got overnerfed they could be adjusted in the following patch.


Thankfully you are in the minority. Everyone else agrees France is overpowered and must get nerfed ASAP. I hope the Developers will do the right thing. Also buff Chinese.

Chinese used to start with +2 villagers. Then everyone got +2 villagers instead. To make up for this they used to start with +100 food and now even that has been taken away. They have worse earlygame economy than HRE and Abbasids for example, they have no armored unit in Age 2 like HRE, English, Rus or French. They have no counter against armored units in age 2. Zhuge Nu is a bad unit. All of their Dynasty bonuses are locked behind overpriced and bad Landmarks while other civs just research unique technologies without spending thousands of ressources.

Also Nest of Bees are worse Mangonels.

Palace Guards are the worst MAA in the game in Age 3.


Pros confirmed that most part of their training for the tournament was how to kill French. If French were not OP that training would not be necessary.


Genesis has shown that there are effective counters to the French but the French still enable most people to have a much easier time winning compared with playing other civs so they still give you a lot more reward for your efforts vs other civs.

YES give us a balance patch, please.


Very interesting video, it seems french are no longer on S tier with only 29% win rate on non mirror matches. It may indeed be too early for a big balance patch as civs are still being figured out.
Their age2 hulks do need moving to age 3 still though as their water is still almost unbeatable atm.

Hera also rated French “A-tier”. So a patch that addresses their ease of use/simplicity would be welcome but huge nerfs are unwarranted IMO.


btw where is the patch? Today is november 15.

They didn’t specify when on the 15th. Timezones and all that.

For people saying that pros can beat french but it’s still op for the regular player…

Balance will always be based on pros

Pros develop strategies and over time they become known and refined for the average player.

Any game ever, even irl sports… balance and rules are based around the top 1 percent, as it trickles down to the rest of the player base